Watercolors by Nancy Stalnaker

Nancy Rosen Stalnaker
Watercolor Artist

I grew up in West Hartford, Connecticut in a family that focused on the arts. My mother was a painter who worked in many media, mostly oils and watercolors, as well as printmaking; my Dad, in his retirement, became a sculptor in wood and stone. I am surrounded by a family full of exceptionally talented individuals in a wide range of art, music, and handcrafts.

My earliest memories of painting are with my Mom and her best friend. As a young girl, I tagged along on excursions to their favorite outdoor painting spots and to their weekly art classes, where I sometimes served as their model but was always happiest when I just got to paint; that is when my love of painting began. Although largely self-taught in studio arts, I completed a minor concentration in Fine Arts at Syracuse University and still love to spend time lingering in museums, and poring through art books.

For many years, work and family commitments sidelined most of my creative activities. It wasn't until 2010 that I returned to watercolor painting with renewed passion. I have taken a few workshops and set up my own studio at The Green House, in Burlington's south end. I have been happily painting full-time for the last few years, after completing a long career at UVM in research compliance.

Landscapes and waterscapes are my favorite subjects. I am so grateful to live in such a beautiful place and to have traveled to many other picturesque parts of the world, thus giving me a stockpile of ideas and inspirations. Having experimented with many different styles and techniques, my goal is to keep learning and moving my artwork forward. Over the past few years, giving back to the community through donations of artwork and participating in fundraising efforts for selected local charitable organizations has been rewarding beyond words.