Watercolors by Nancy Stalnaker

I grew up in West Hartford, Connecticut, in a family where the arts were considered essential. My mother was painter in oils and watercolors, and later in life, took up printmaking. My father, in his retirement, became a prolific sculptor in wood and stone. I am surrounded by a family full of exceptional talent in a wide range of arts, music, and crafts.

My earliest memories of painting are with my Mom and her best friend, Alfreda. As a young girl, I tagged along on excursions to their favorite outdoor painting spots (Penwood State Park, the West Hartford Reservoir, and Elizabeth Park) and to their weekly art classes. I am certain that is when my love of art began. Although I am largely self-taught in studio arts, I did a minor concentration in Fine Arts at Syracuse University. I have spent countless hours lingering and dreaming in museums, and treasuring art books.

For many years, work and family commitments sidelined my creative activities. It wasn't until about five years ago that I returned to watercolor painting with renewed passion. Since that time, I have taken classes and workshops and set up my studio in Burlington's south end. I recently retired from a long career at UVM in research compliance and am now happily doing my art full-time.

My favorite subjects are landscapes and waterscapes. I feel so fortunate to live in such a beautiful place and to have traveled to many picturesque parts of the world, giving me a stockpile of ideas and inspirations. I have experimented with many different styles and techniques in creating my interpretations. My goal is to keep learning and move my artwork forward, and to continue to explore and evolve.